Match Pre-Registration and YOU!

Shooter, Are You Ready???   Standbyyyyyyyy..........   PRE-REGISTER!

With the increasing number of shooters at our matches this year (which is AWESOME), we need to continue finding ways to make the match administration more efficient.  With 100+ shooters at our monthly club matches, if a significant number of those shooters are not pre-registered, the process of getting shooters signed up, paid, squadded and ready to shoot is MUCH, MUCH more difficult and we struggle to get it done in time for the match to start on time!  So PLEASE, if you are planning to attend an event, go ahead and pre-register online.  You can also pre-pay online so you don't need to pay at the match, which is a 2nd OPTIONAL step in the process for your convenience (except for Level 2 matches, which REQUIRE pre-payment in order to squad).  For the monthly matches you can STILL pre-register for the match, even if you plan to pay cash at the range.  That's the important part for us, having the registration done, the payment at the range is easy if you prefer to do that rather than pay online.  If you pre-register and end up not being able to attend, it's very simple to log in to Practiscore and withdraw.  It's very likely with increasing numbers that at some point soon we may REQUIRE pre-registration anyway, so it's a great time to get in the habit NOW!


All matches will have online registration available on PractiScore, and it's easy to do:
1. Go to Practiscore. and you will get a list of the matches available on PractiScore.
Note: the Level 2 matches have their own pages on this website - see the Major Matches link.

2. After you've registered for the match, come back here and click Regular Match Payment. to be taken to the general payment page.