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Upcoming Matches and Events
Match setup starts at 7:15am;
New shooter briefing at 8:40am;
Registration closes at 8:45am
Shooters meeting starts at 9:00am.

Match Pre-registration at https://clubs.practiscore.com/

Multi Gun #2 is scheduled for Sunday, April 27.
Pre-register for the match.
This match will include one stage on the 300 meter bay. Please be sure to have your rifles sighted in at that range.

Multigun (4/24/14) Update!

Some very cool news everyone! Because of the generosity of their sponsors and the great relationships they have with them, Jacob Betsworth, Lance Dingler, and Nate Staskiewicz have made arrangements for us to be able to give out some very nice prizes to the top 4 finishers of stage 6 of this Sunday's Multigun match! These will be given to the top 4 non-sponsored shooters regardless of division and only your stage 6 score counts for the prizes!

1st Place: HIPERFIRE 24C Trigger, courtesy of HIPERFIRE, Jacob Betsworth, and Nate Staskieciwz

2nd Place: A stripped AR15 Lower Receiver, courtesy of PWS, Jacob Betsworth, and Lance Dingler

3rd Place: A TTI PMag basepad, courtesy of Taran Tactical Innovations, Jacob Betsworth, Lance Dingler, and Nate Staskiewicz.

4th Place: 100 practice targets, courtesy of Omaha Target, Jacob Betsworth, and Nate Staskiewicz.

So bring your A game (especially to stage 6) and win some awesome prizes!

USPSA match #5 - All Classifier is scheduled for Sunday, May 4.
Pre-register for the match.

Stages are set:
  • 03-09 On The Move
  • 99-41 Works For Me
  • 99-56 On The Upper Pad II
  • 13-06 Too Close For Comfort
  • 06-05 Fluffy's Revenge 2
  • 03-05 Paper Poppers

Man vs. Man Steel Match is scheduled for Sunday, May 18.
Pre-register for the match.

2014 Match Schedule (updated March 28, 2014)

2014 Match Results

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Updated 1-3-13

Minutes of the September 11, 2013 meeting
Minutes of the May 8, 2013 meeting
Minutes of the April 8, 2013 match meeting
Minutes of the March 20, 2013 match meeting




USPSA Nationals
The Section has a few Nationals slots.
If you are interested, contact Chris Davies asap.
Contact information on the Committee page.

2013 Banquet

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013 Awards

2014 Great Plains Sectional Match
July 13, 2014
Details here

2013 Zombie Match
Match Results

$1500 raised and three large boxes of toys!


Match Committee and
Match Meetings

Bianchi Match information

2013 banquet and Check out the pictures! 
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2013 Match Results

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Steel Challenge Match information

2013 Steel Challenge Rules

2013 Pro-Am Match Information

2013 MultiGun Information
These are the USPSA rules for 2013


ProAm Match - Sunday March 30

April Pistol Match - Sunday, April 6

USPSA logo       2014 Match Staff

Match Director
John Victor

Ardi Mrasek

Thomas Howard - Safety Coordinator & Steel Coordinator
Tom Engel - Safety Coordinator & MultiGun Coordinator
Committee page and meeting minutes



2013 Great Plains Sectional at ENPS

    2011 Great Plains Sectional at ENPS
2011 USPSA Area Three at Grand Island, NE   2010 Great Plains Sectional at ENPS
2011 Man -vs- Man Steel Challenge Match   2009 Sioux Falls Sectional
2010 USPSA Area Three at Grand Island, NE   2008 Great Plains Sectional Match
2009 USPSA AREA THREE at ENGC   2007 Great Plains Sectional Match
2009 Man -vs- Man Steel Challenge Match  

2006 Great Plains Sectional Match

We shoot at the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club in Louisville, NE.  Map to the Range

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