Multigun Matches

Our multigun matches follow United Multigun League Rules which can be found below.

Different divisions ensure that the competition is against those using similar equipment. Divisions available are: Open, Tac Ops, Limited, 2-gun and pistol caliber carbine. Due to different ranges used, not all matches will recognize PCC, so make sure to check the schedule.

Check the UML rules for specifics on divisions. Open, Tac Ops and Limited are 3 gun divisions that utilize pistol, rifle and shotgun. The 2-gun division uses pistol and rifle. For the PCC division, only a PCC is needed.


Ammunition requirements

  • Use of prohibited ammunition will result in match disqualification.
  • Rifle: No steel core (green tip) or bi-metal ammunition is allowed. Any projectile that attracts a magnet is prohibited. This ammunition can damage steel targets.
  • Shotgun: Birdshot must be size 6 or smaller. Example: Size 8 is allowed, size 4 is prohibited. Shot must be lead only. Steel or plated shot is prohibited. Slugs are sometimes used so it is advisable to have some in case the match requires it.
  • 100 rounds per gun is typically sufficient when shooting a 3-gun division. 2-gun or PCC would need about this total.

It is highly recommended that new shooters review the new shooter brief attached below. This will give you an idea of what to expect for your first match.