Great Plains Steel Challenge Championship



The 2017 Great Plains Steel Challenge Championship - April 22-23 is a Level II Steel Challenge event comprised of all 8 official SC stages with the following divisions allowed:

  • Centerfire Pistol: Open (OPN), Carry Optics (CO), Limited (LTD), Production (PROD), Iron-Sight Revolver (ISR), Optical Sight Revolver (OSR), Single Stack (SS)
  • Rimfire Pistol: Rimfire Iron Sights (RFPI), Rimfire Open (RFPO)
  • Rimfire Rifle: Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights (RFRI), Rimfire Rifle Open (RFRO)
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine: Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron Sights (PCCI), Pistol Caliber Carbine Open (PCCO)

Shooters may compete in up to four divisions. Cost: $25 for the first division, and $15 for each additional division. Competitors will receive a lunch ticket with their first entry. (Juniors are $10 for every entry.) If you have questions about what guns are allowed in what divisions, please see the current rulebook on the Steel Challenge website.

The match will occur on April 22nd and 23rd, and competitors will squad and shoot in a half-day format. Meaning: each squad will shoot all 8 stages in a half-day block—squads will shoot either the morning or the afternoon on each day, and complete the match for the divisions shot in that half-day. As such there will be four shooting blocks available for competitors to shoot the match (Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon) with eight squads per block.

Shooters may compete in up to 2 divisions per squad, but may not shoot the same gun in two different divisions in the same squad. (Example: Shooter signs up to shoot 3 divisions: LTD, PROD, and RFPO. He is shooting the same gun in both LTD and PROD. He can either sign up to shoot one gun in each of three blocks, or shoot two on one squad and one on another, but his squad for LTD and PROD must be different as he is shooting the same gun twice. This reduces the effect of a shooter using one run for “practice.”) Competitors shooting in more than 2 divisions must sign up for more than one squad block. Shooters may compete in a maximum of four divisions. Competitors will NOT have time to switch belt equipment if shooting two divisions on a squad, so either make certain that you don't need to switch equipment, or that you shoot in multiple squad blocks.

Registration, payment, squadding, and check-in procedure:

    1. Registration is available online via Practiscore. Register once for EACH division you plan to shoot.

    2. After registration, go to the Match Payment page. (Either use this link, or click the button at the bottom of this page.) Pay for the appropriate number of divisions you are shooting, and add a match shirt if you like. (Match shirts will only be sold during registration, and no extra match shirts will be available for purchase at the match.)

    3. Once your payment is verified, your registration will be approved, and you will be sent a squadding email for each of your divisions. Make certain to squad yourself for every division you plan to shoot. Remember: No more than 2 divisions per squad, you may not shoot the same gun more than once on a particular squad, and you won't have time to switch belt equipment while shooting on a squad. (Please give staff time to verify your payment. If you have not received a squadding email after 3 days of completing the above, please send us an email, but check your spam folder first!)

    4. On match day, you must check-in at the stats/registration table to verify your registration (and pick up your match shirt if you ordered one). Check-in will be available from 7am to 7:30am for morning squads, and from 11:00 until 12:30pm for afternoon squads. If you sign up for a squad to shoot with specific people, your squad will not be broken up, however small squads may be combined as necessary on match day. Squad lists will be posted by 7:45am and 12:45pm.

    5. Report to your initial bay/stage prior to 8am and 1pm (respectively) for the initial briefing. Once that is finished, your shooting order and procedures will be announced, the CRO will give the stage briefing, and it’ll be time to shoot things!


Awards and recognition:

Division and Category Awards: Division and Category winners will be announced after the match on Sunday. Awards will be given out according to the 3/5/7 rule for 1st/2nd/3rd place within a division, and with at least three in a category per division based on registration as of April 1st. (More awards may be added at the Match Director’s discretion.)

Steel Master: Competitors who shoot one centerfire pistol and one rimfire pistol will be in contention for the Pistol Steel Master award, which will be separated into Irons and Open categories. Competitors who shoot one rimfire rifle division and one PCC division will be in contention for the Rifle Steel Master award. The Steel Master Award will be given to the competitor with the lowest aggregate score in a combination of the two specified divisions. Shooters will be considered for Iron Pistol Steel Master if both pistols have iron sights only. Shooters will be considered for Open Pistol Steel Master if either or both pistols have optical sights. Shooters will be considered for Rifle Steel Master if they have shot any combination of one rimfire rifle division and one PCC division. (There is no separation between open and irons for Rifle Steel Master.)

A local student group will be at the range on Saturday and Sunday to provide lunch for the staff, competitors, and guests. One lunch ticket comes with your initial match entry. Additional food may be purchased on match day at the range.

Please see the Matchbook for additional information including the squad matrix.

The match will be run under the current edition of the Steel Challenge rules.

Submit your payment using the Match Payment menu above.

Match Location:
Eastern Nebraska Gun Club
12200 Nebraska Highway 66, Louisville, NE.
GPS Coordinates to the range entrance: 41.001805, -96.103813